Get to Know Your Captains – John Schurtz


John Schurtz | Captain, Team Patriot Honor

How/when did you get started with CrossFit? What has made you stick around?
I started CrossFit in early 2009 while serving in the Embassy in Beijing. I had known about it since 2002 when a Navy SEAL buddy told me about it. I thought he was crazy. Man I wish had started then.

So, you’ve been named captain (nice work!) of one of the PCF Intramural Open Teams… what does that mean to you?
It means you guys are more desperate than I ever would’ve expected! I love Patriot and being a part of this community is one of the most positive experiences of my adult life. Anything I can do to contribute to the spirit I have come to depend on is a pleasure and an honor.

What are you looking forward to most about this year’s Open/Intramural Open?
I know there are people in our gym who will get their “first” of some movement they didn’t think they could do. Seen it before and it’s amazing every time.

Give us some cold, hard numbers: What is your Fran/Helen/Grace time? 1RM Deadlift? Olympic total? 2K time? Pick some common CrossFit Benchmarks and let us know where you are!
All my times and scores are middle of the road. I am not a strong athlete, but I can do things this year that I couldn’t do last year. Every year since 2009 has been that way.

Favorite CrossFit movement
: Burpees
Least favorite: Renegade Row Man-Makers