Get to Know Your Captains – The Donahoes


Chris & Monica met at Potomac CrossFit when they were quasi-randomly paired up to compete in a Friday Night Throwdown in February of 2016. They were married in January of 2018. Since the day both of them joined PCF they have been a tremendously positive influence on our community. After their nuptials, it is almost certain their love and positive attitudes will continue and exponentially grow.   

Chris & Monica Donahoe | Co-Captains, Team Potomac Freedom

What is something most PCF’ers don’t know about you? A secret talent? An embarrassing story?
C: I was homeschooled
M: I’m insanely scared of mice and possums. Snakes don’t bother me and I work with little kids, so I’m not usually grossed out. Regardless, I am TERRIFIED of mice and rats and anything small and furry with a tail.

How/when did you get started with CrossFit? What has made you stick around?
C: I started Crossfit in August 2015 because I simply wanted to get back in shape. I stuck around because I met my wife.
M: I read about CF on a blog in 2010 when I lived overseas and wanted to check it out but didn’t have the opportunity to until I moved to North Carolina in 2013. I grew up dancing and have always needed exercise and movement to feel balanced. CrossFit keeps my mood up and stress level down. I also just love going to the gym to see my friends and coaches!

What has your past experience with The Open been like?
C: Always a fun test. I’m an accomplished C-student.
M: Encouraging, motivating, wonderful. I love the Open because it gives me something to focus on and get excited about at the end of February which is always a long, cold, dreary month. The Open brings people together. It pushes me to work harder and go the extra mile. I also love seeing people get excited. Enthusiasm is my favorite.

So, you’ve been named captain (nice work!) of one of the PCF Intramural Open Teams… what does that mean to you?
M: It’s a lot of responsibility! PCF has been a huge part of my life the last couple years and I enjoy the community and all the new people I keep meeting.
C: Being named a co-captain with my new husband validates for me that PCF sees us as being positive people who are genuinely committed to the cause… fitness and community. I want to motivate others to value “the cause” as much as I do. CrossFit  isn’t about being super competitive, or a cool kid in a clique, or impressing others with how big of a sweat angel you can make. It’s about being brave and positive and emotionally vulnerable and making connections with other people based on your mutual understanding of how important it is to stay active and take care of yourself.

What are you looking forward to most about this year’s Open/Intramural Open?
C: Cheering Monica on!
M: Meeting new people! Potentially making team t-shirts! Being better than I was last year.

For people that have never done the Open before and are maybe on the fence, what would you tell them?
C: We miss out if you sit out. Join the fun!
M: How much fun it always is! I would describe the hype around Thursday night workout announcements, strategizing with your friends, getting prepped, doing the workout with a judge (which I LOVE), completing the workouts and the amazing feeling you get when you know you couldn’t have pushed even one second further, going out for drinks after, comparing experiences, and then getting to do the whole thing again the next week!

Give us some cold, hard numbers: What is your Fran/Helen/Grace time? 1RM Deadlift? Olympic total? 2K time? Pick some common CrossFit Benchmarks and let us know where you are!



Favorite CrossFit movement?
C: Back Squat
M: Handstand Push-ups, Burpees

Least favorite?
C: Handstand push-up
M: High volume wallball