Maximizing Your Open: The Week Of


Maximizing your Open: The Week Of

By: Colin Farrell

The Open is just about upon us, ladies and gentlemen.  As a coach, a CrossFitter, and [sometimes] competitive athlete, it is one of my favorite times of the year.  We have a chance to test ourselves against our friends, other members here at PCF, against the whole world, and most importantly… we get to test ourselves against our former selves. This is where people get their first muscle-up, string double-unders together, or somehow break a squat clean PR in the middle of some heinous and awful workout.  

So, now that you have signed up for the Open and joined a team, here’s a pretty decent way to maximize your power output once you hear the call of “3, 2, 1…Go!”

At Potomac CrossFit we complete the Open Workouts on Saturdays, so we are working on that knowledge. For Patriot CrossFit athletes, back all of this up by a day, as the Open workouts will be programmed for Fridays:

Sunday: Go nuts, you’ve got plenty of time for recovery, but whatever you do don’t tear your hands. That is one thing you can’t always come back from within a calendar week.

Monday: Keep the strength and skill work relatively light/lower percentages and intensities (70% or less) and lower reps (8-15 working repetitions) and keep mechanics in mind more than intensity.  You cannot get stronger with one squat session the week the Open starts. Just worry about solid movement patterns and hitting full range of motion.

Tuesday & Wednesday: Treat the days’ strength or skill work similar to how you did the back on Monday.  If you are an Rx athlete, think about dropping to Level II for the MetCon. If you are a Level II athlete, knock it back to Level I.  Go hard, but just with less complex movements, shorter running and rowing distances, and lighter loads.

Thursday & Friday: Some athletes love a full day of rest before a big event (like an Open workout) others need the day before to still move around so as to not get too sore or sluggish. However, a rest day on Thursday or Friday is probably necessary if you’ve been working out for 3 or more days in a row. Based on what type of athlete you are, pick one and take it easy.  Whichever day (Thursday or Friday) is your “on” day, think of it as “just stay moving.” Intensity should be dialed back, worry about working your hips, ankles, and shoulders to full range of motion, do a little bit of pulling, a little bit of pressing, a little bit of squatting, and make your midline work a little bit.  Take the workout of the day and turn it into an EMOM to dial back the velocity/loading, force rest periods into the workout. These session should keep you fresh and moving, not send you home in need of an epsom salt bath.

Saturday: Game day! Everyone is different here (do I eat beforehand, do I not eat, etc.) Do some foam rolling the night before, wake up and do a little mobility work, arrive early to the gym to really get warmed up (time is usually very limited on Saturdays during the Open).

Good luck everyone! Now it’s time to prove your fitness. Have fun!