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Thursday 130926

Effective Oct 1, 2013, Potomac and Patriot CrossFit will be raising their Foundations and Membership prices and setting new policies for members who sign up on or after Oct 1, 2013. THIS WILL HAVE NO EFFECT ON CURRENT MEMBERS. For new pricing and policies click here. Please post questions to comments or email ________________________ […]

Wednesday 130925

What is more important to you: Increasing the weights on your strength lifts or getting a faster time in the metcon? Between mine and Brian’s blog posts, I hope you know now that lifting weights is important and going to make you a better person as a whole. Trust us…it’s good for you and will […]

Tuesday 130924

What seems to make sense to me often doesn’t make sense to other folks. A few glaring examples are: vegetarianism versus Paleo, factory farmed food versus pasture raised food, and fitness as defined by magazines trying to sell you supplements because the training they prescribe doesn’t have any effect versus CrossFit. To take the first […]

Monday 130923

We’ve been programming and training the high bar back squat and front squat exclusively at Potomac for the last five months. The rationale behind this was simple: what do we do in CrossFit? The answer is a lot of anterior work: squat snatches, squat cleans, and overhead squats to name just three. All of these […]

Sunday 130922

Come out and join us for CrossFit Kids this Sunday at 11:45am at Patriot CrossFit! Sign up here! _______________________ PCF Weightlifting Club meets Wednesday/Sunday. PCF Paleo Challenge blog _______________________ Warmup: EMOTM 8 Min 3 Snatch Balance 3 Hip Raise Alt: 3 Ring Row/3 Planche casino pa natet Pushup This is a team WOD. The team […]