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Friday 130712

Athlete Profile: Jonathan P. Hometown Alexandria, VA PCF: When did you start with PCF? June 2012 PCF: Favorite WOD Maybe Isabel? Probably because it is 30 snatches for time and it was my first (and only) WOD that I got on the leaderboard! I also enjoy a good chipper or WOD with snatches, cleans, OH […]

Thursday 130711

A lot of people think that eating paleo is “going on a diet.” However, a lot of us already know that it is a lifestyle change, along with CrossFit. I like to think of it as a lifestyle for sure, but also as a habit. I have been eating paleo and CrossFitting for so long […]

Wednesday 130710

Getting injured sucks. Some injuries are more serious than others, but injuries are injuries and they are no fun. It is important to know when to ease off of the training when something happens and how to modify a workout once you are getting back into it. My advice is that when you do get […]

Tuesday 130709

Our warmups are terribly simple to tweak to an individual athlete’s needs. One issue that we can easily fix is not having mastered the kipping pullup. Building your strength on the pullup is the priority. We need at least 5 solid strict pullups before we’re going to teach you the kip. If you’ve got more […]