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Tuesday 130514

Traffic alert: North Courthouse Road between N. 14th St and N. 15th St will be closed on Tues, May 14th from 6am to 10am for a special event. Expect delays. BLR/OEM __________________________________________ Our brains tend to look for patterns. Taleb wrote a lot about this in his first book, Fooled by Randomness. Aaron PCF had […]

Monday 130513

Nutrition was the hardest nut for us to crack as a gym. We had problems both getting people on board with what they should be doing and helping those that needed help. The Paleo Challenge helped that a lot. While it was tough to help everybody exactly when they wanted to get help, the group […]

Sunday 130512

You like Salmon? We got it coming Monday between 5-7. or just show up with cash or credit card. __________________________________________ CrossFit Teens goes next week Monday/Wednesday at 5:15pm. __________________________________________ Upcoming Group Foundations Classes: Tue/Thu at 12:00pm with Coach Brian Wilson starting 14 May at Potomac CrossFit. Tue/Thu at 6:15pm with "Gurpreet, Ishpinder, Jasjot and Aukush […]

Saturday 130511

Power Supply starts delivery on Monday, 13 May. __________________________________________ CrossFit Teens goes next week Monday/Wednesday at 5:15pm. __________________________________________ Warmup: EMOTM 8 Min 3 Snatch Balance 3 V-Situp Alt: 3 Ring Row/3 Divebomber RX'd Level II Level I For Time: 5 Muscle Up 10 Wallball, 20@10’/14@9’ Run 400m 4 Muscle Up 15 Wallball Run 400m 3 […]

Friday 130510

Athlete Profile: Kathleen B. Hometown: Fairfax, VA PCF: When did you start with PCF? April 2012 PCF: Favorite WOD FGB, The Chief, Tabata. Anything involving dumbbells, built in rest, and snatches. PCF: Least Favorite WOD Open WOD 12.1, Open WOD 12.5. Anything involving pullups or the farmer's carry. PCF: What is your prior fitness background? […]