Andrea Ferry

Andrea started her fitness career in the Figure Competition world at the age of 26. After multiple trophies and 3 years of weighing and measuring food, she decided she needed a change. She left the Figure stage just shy of a Pro card, but felt a sigh of relief leaving the hard core dieting behind.

In 2008, shortly after she left the Figure stage, she got into CrossFit. In less than 6 months, she acquired every certification under the sun – CrossFit Level 1 with Jon Gilson, CrossFit Kids with Jeff Martin, CrossFit Olympic Lifting with Coach Burgener, CrossFit Nutrition with Robb Wolf and CrossFit Barbell with Mark Rippetoe.

After her Barbell Certification with Mark Rippetoe, she fell in love with being strong and decided to leave CrossFit to pursue powerlfting. She set her goal on a 300lb back squat. Thirty five pounds and two years later , she was squatting her goal squat weight plus 15lbs. After she hit her squat goal, she decided that the extra thirty five pounds had to go so she started improving her nutrition and increasing her conditioning. After the weight has been lost, she took 8 months completely off from training to focus on training her friends from high school before and after work. Her full time “work” until three years ago consisted of selling pension plans for Lincoln Financial Group.

In the fall of 2012, she got laid off and pursued her dream of training people full time. She helped open a gym in Broomall, PA until August 2013 when she landed a job in D.C. for Reebok. Since she still had all her CrossFit Certifications, she decided to coach CrossFit part time after a 6 year hiatus from the sport. In December 2014, she started to train CrossFit more regularly and joined a competition team in Washington DC where she went on to compete at the Regional level 5 months later in May 2014. After regionals, she decided to take some time off from competing to focus on mobility and pursuing the sport of Olympic Lifting.

She enjoys coaching because she truly feels like she can help shape someone’s life on a daily basis whether it is simply believing in them as a coach or a kind word that can be said in the short hour of class.

– 2002 LA Fitness Bencfh Press Champion
– 2003 North American Bodybuilding championships – Womens Shape and Figure – 1st place
– 2005 GNC Metrx Pharmagenex Worldwide NPCRochester Figure Show – 1st Place
– 2006 NPC National Figure championships – 3rd place
– 2006 Jim Rockwell/Powerhouse Gym Rochester Bodybulding Fitness and Figure Championships – 1st place
– Philadelphia Championship Greenwood Classic – 2nd Place
– 2007 NPC Pittsburgh 4th Place
– 2007 NPC Gaspari Nutrition Junior USA 5th Place
– WNPC – 1st place 148 weight class – September 2010
– WNPF – 1st place 132 weight class – December 2010 (Deadlift 320 lbs, squat 290 lbs, bench 150 lbs)
– 2014 – CrossFit Regionals Athlete, Team District CrossFit (105th in the region, 909th in the world)