Colin Farrell

I have been an athlete since an early age—the son of three-time DI All-American athlete—and growing up found the most success in lacrosse and wrestling. I played DIII college lacrosse and during my senior year, began managing the Men’s and Women’s swim teams. After graduating in 2009, I did a brief stint in the ultramarathon and adventure race circuit, culminating in the 24-hour long 2011 World’s Toughest Mudder. Broken and beaten down by 80+ mile weeks of training, I began looking elsewhere to maintain fitness and increase performance, without compromising my health. I found CrossFit in late 2011 and have employed the methodology ever since. I have a love affair with mechanics and consistency, building proper motor recruitment patterns to increase performance and restore full range of motion, and decrease injury rates.

I am a high school teacher in Fairfax County.  My beautiful wife, Kate, and I live with our two boys Leigham (2) and Emmet (born April of 2015) an our golden retriever Fenian in Lake Ridge, Virginia.