Kym Escobar

I competed in team sports in high school and college. Once in a political job in DC, I turned to running, biking and triathlons since I could do them solo whenever there was an open time slot. But I longed for people to train with. I got certified to lead indoor cycling classes, tacked on group runs and eventually started a triathlon program at the National Capital YMCA that has guided hundreds of athletes across the finish line.

I competed in too many races to count, including 4 ironman races (those are worth counting!). But after all that, my fitness plateaued and my passion for working out waned. Then I discovered CrossFit. The constantly changing, high intensity nature of the training got me jazzed again. Being part of a community of athletes that offers support and friendly competition is a fabulous unexpected benefit.

I have the Level 1, Gymnastics & Mobility CrossFit certifications. My favorite part of coaching is helping newbies get started. Gotta learn the ropes before you can climb one.

Please email me at for personal training and nutritional counseling rates and availability..