Rich Oates

In 2007, Richard started his athletic career with what most would consider traditional bodybuilding and general strength training with little cardio. During that time he had little direction or knowledge beyond knowing that Mondays were chest day and leg day sometimes happened. Over the next five years, he began to experiment with his programming and developed a love of fitness training and various methodologies. After some degree of success in 2013, Richard stumbled upon his first Crossfit workout named “Alexis”. Now “Alexis” was created by one of Rich’s friends and although simple in nature created that very familiar burn in your lungs that we have all come to know in the Crossfit realm. After peeling himself off the floor and regaining full control of his legs he was hooked. From there, Richard fully immersed himself in the competitive spirit and community that is Crossfit.

Richard has been competitively doing Crossfit since 2013 and has competed in various venues in the National Capital Region to include 2016 Flex on the Mall, 2016 Superfit Lorton, 2016 Mid-Atlantic Affiliate Challenge, 2015 Superfit Trident, 2015 Wodapooloza Online Qualifier, and 2015 Who’s The Fittest. He has competed in two Crossfit Opens with a best regional finish of 305th and 4410th worldwide. His passion for fitness, hunger for development and desire to
help other athletes grow defines who he is as an athlete and a coach.

Specialized Training:
<li>Certified Personal Trainer (ISSA)</li>
<li>Specialist in Fitness Nutrition (ISSA)</li>
<li>Strength and Conditioning (ISSA)</li>
<li>Olympic Lifting Seminar</li>