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Athlete Profile: Kathleen B.

Hometown: Fairfax, VA

PCF: When did you start with PCF?
April 2012

PCF: Favorite WOD
FGB, The Chief, Tabata. Anything involving dumbbells, built in rest, and snatches.

PCF: Least Favorite WOD
Open WOD 12.1, Open WOD 12.5. Anything involving pullups or the farmer's carry.

PCF: What is your prior fitness background? What was your exposure to CF before coming to PCF?
I've played sports my whole life, beginning with youth soccer as the only girl on an all boys team. (I had a mushroom cut just to confuse things more.) Then I played field hockey, basketball, and discovered lacrosse in high school. Despite getting cut from JV as a freshman (and crying for about 2 weeks), I made varsity my sophomore year, won the Triple Crown (district/regionals/state) my junior year, and went on to play Division I lacrosse at Longwood University.

After college, I couldn’t wait to throw away all my mesh shorts and lax pennies and start running long distances, get super skinny, and eat salads forever. None of these things ever happened and I grew increasingly restless for a routine that didn’t feel like a routine. My first exposure to CrossFit was through my then-new-boyfriend Jason, who was at this point attempting to hide his secret obsession with his “gym” and participating in “gym” events and baffling the hell out of me. After a few months of dating, he explained “the gym” to me, introduced to me a few of his “gym friends” (which I was convinced was code for some weird online support group), and forced/convinced me to do a free Saturday class at the old Potomac.

PCF: Talk to us about your thoughts after completing your first WOD.
The workout at the free class was a 15 minute AMRAP, with a 35# KB and 20” box and a partner, alternate some number of reps of KB swings, sit ups, and box jumps while your partner ran 400M. Woof.

Thoughts included:
a.) I’m embarrassed at how tired I am,
b.) I’m reluctant to admit I like the workout (but I really did), and
c.) I’m supremely intimidated to come back
d.) I’m going to be sore for at least 3 full days.

After about a year of mulling it over and complaining about the cost, I finally gave in, signed up for Foundations, and I haven’t looked back since.

PCF: Tell us a little about then vs. now with regard to your performances on a couple of the benchmark WODs. Favorite WOD?
Favorite WOD is “The Chief” – which I improved from June/July timeframe to December by about 5 rounds.

My first benchmark workout was Grace at 65# and it took me over 6 minutes in my second week doing CrossFit. I ripped my hands and had the shakes for about 2 hours after. This past November, I attempted Grace again at 85# and finished under 4 minutes. So here’s to Rx’ing it next time!

I’ve gone from dreading snatch day and using no more than 42# for MONTHS, to now having a triple digit PR in sight.

PCF: Favorite CF/PCF moments you’d like to share?
Placing second in this year’s Paleo Challenge.

Running my fastest mile ever, despite a six month gap in putting effort into any deliberate running.

Making new & amazing friends! Corny yet accurate.

PCF: Any advice for our newbies?
If you’re at all like me, CrossFit seems really, really, REALLY scary at first. I waited three years to join, and it turned out the fear and intimidation was all in my head. I have zero regrets and cannot imagine working out a different way. I used to worry about things like what workout to do, would it be effective, am I even getting in better shape, do I have enough time, will this make me look like Lauren Conrad? CrossFit has eliminated the anxiety that working out used to give me. And I can assuredly kick LC’s ass now.

The personal progress I’ve seen and fitness gains I’ve made in just a year are kind of unreal to me, and they only make me more excited for the challenges I have yet to conquer. If you’re nervous to join, take that as a sign that you should because anything that is worth doing is probably a little scary at first. And if this doesn’t convince you, let’s meet over 3-7 drinks, I’ll read you your horoscope, and convince that PCF is the best. AROUND!

PCF: And finally (and most importantly) Who is the best looking and most fabulous PCF coach around?
I’ve truly grappled with this question, and have determined the following to be most truthful:
Wilson – because he wants us to say so and we both enjoy 100% charged phones, pop divas, and Australian films.

Wilkins – because he wants you to give your all, improve, and do things right. But he also won’t shy away from calling you out on bad form or a bad attitude. (e.g., if you’re not having fun… GO HOME!)

Spider Monkey – because he coached my foundations group and rocks a fedora like no one can.

Upcoming Group Foundations Classes:

Tue/Thu at 12:00pm with Coach Brian Wilson starting 14 May at Potomac CrossFit.

Tue/Thu at 6:15pm with Coach Kristin Campbell starting 14 May at Potomac CrossFit – Sold Out.

Tue/Thu at 8:30pm with Coach Jared Anderson starting 14 May at Patriot CrossFit.


New daytime schedule at Potomac goes into effect Monday, 6 May: Noon Class only offered MWF. Tue/Thu 1200 will be for Group Foundations class only.


Wild Wind Fisheries will be delivering fresh caught wild Alaskan salmon to Potomac CrossFit on 13 May between 5pm-7pm and Patriot CrossFit on 14 May between 5pm-7pm. . They will be bringing extra stock to sell ala carte during those times via cash or credit card.


CrossFit Teens goes next week Monday/Wednesday at 5:15pm.


Warmup: EMOTM 8 Min
6 Barbell Lunge
3 Situp to Straddle
Alt: 3 Ring Row/5-10s Ring Support Hold

RX'd Level II Level I
EMOTM 10 Min:
3 Overhead Squat
1 Rope Climb, 15’

5 Rounds for time:
10 Push Press, 115/85
10 Bastards
Rest 1 minute

EMOTM 10 Min:
3 Overhead Squat
1 Rope Climb, 10’

5 Rounds for time:
10 Push Press, 95/65
7 Bastards
Rest 1 minute

EMOTM 10 Min:
3 Overhead Squat
1 Rope Climb Bite, 10s

5 Rounds for time:
10 Push Press, 55/35
7 Bastards
Rest 1 minute

Post load, total rope climbs and time to comments.